Companion Love (Single -June 2022)

Companion Love comes in the wake of the band’s last album Searching…(2020), and reveals the depth and breadth of this multifaceted outfit. The new release is in keeping with the band’s reputation for creating progressive experimental sounds that blend dynamic organic-based instrumentation with persuasive social commentary. Companion Love is expansive in its sonic approach and timely and pertinent with its piercing, socially conscious observations. But the track is also filled with accessible hooks, from the chorus’ galvanic appeal to the opening’s synth-based pop pleasures; the track packs punch in more ways than one. Big Room has merged the stark vitality of underground dance with the energy and heart of a contemporary protest song, a startling and electrifying amalgamation. Without forgoing the nuances of its genre-defying music, the band has emerged with a unifying alternative. Mastered by John Greenham (Billie Eilish), Companion Love is a kaleidoscopic musical experience

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