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With a new bass player, new influences and new energy Big Room have nearly finished their new album (unnamed, No5!). Recorded again at Mixmasters studios in the Adelaide hills. It features some new styles of songs and some big production numbers. We intend to release on vinyl. We expect to release it in the first half of 2020.

We are playing a private show at GPA Engineering in Feb 2020 and then we will play a launch of the new album at an Adelaide venue.


Big Room played the Jade Monkey on to launch their previous album "No Agreement". This is what it looked like.

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Big Room new Album "Giant Leap" can be purchased online through CDBABY.COM. See Shop page for more instruction.

Tell me what you think! I'd love to hear Contact: Dave J. Especially anyone from Sweden who seemed to have fallen in love with "Open Arms"!

Video Clips

By the way, all clips are now on Youtube:Giant Leap 2017, Living the Moment 2013, Istanbul 2004 and No Recovery 2002..have a look! A new one will be on the way soon for something from Giant Leap.



Giant Leap

Giant Leap (Dec 2015)

A Giant Leap it is. With two new players there's a new vibe and new energy in the band. We spend a lot more time on the songwriting and producing and more time in the studio than we have before and the results seem to speak for themselves. The addition of Andrew as a major force in songwriting on piano, the addition of piano and the weaving dynamic of bass from Craig fused a new sound. Alex also spent a lot more time on the drums and Mick got inspired to make the guitar soar higher than ever before. The result is Giant Leap. It's still vintage rock Big Room with tinges of Queen, Oils, Floyd, Foo Fighters, Santana and more.

The songwriting came from far and wide with Alex, Mick, Dave and Andrew all contributing tunes to choose from.We did most of the producing ourselves with mainly Mick Durant and Dave Johnston guiding the early stages and Mick Wordley (producer from Mixmasters studios) having major input once we got into the studio. Once again Mixmasters in the beautiful Adelaide Hills proved to be the right choice. I really hope you enjoy the ride as much as we have. Oh and share it with your friends.


No Agreement

No Agreement (Oct 2011)

A dynamite follow up to the rockin' A Hand of Four Aces, No Agreement is a vintage lounge room listening style album, imbued with a thick pasting of guitar and hammond, layered with thought provoking vocals.The album took us a while, but we are rapt in the result. We peaked at 24 tracks at some stage, and whittled that down to the best 10. We recorded a lot at Steve's studio (Uralla) over three or four years, and road tested the recordings, played with the harmonies and the beats. We had help along the way from Marcel Pusey (London) and Jim Moginie we begged for a little help.. Just when we thought it was nearly there we took it to Mixmasters and strapped ourselves in for the ride with Mick Wordley. The main thing that Mick did was strip the sounds back to their raw basics, and this worked for most of the songs. The ones it didn't work for has lots of Steve's electronicy bits in, so we reverted back to the demo in some instances..i.e. Bringing it On. The vocal recording was great with mick. He got more out of me than I thought I had, and I really enjoyed the experience. Mick D also had a ball with all the guitar sounds he could get. It all came together in some very late nights, where Mick W and everyone seemed willing to keep at it till the wee hours, trying to get it just so.

A Hand of Four Aces (Feb 2006)

"A hand of Four Aces", was full of sonic guitar strength, and with the help of producer Craig Lewis (Kaleidoscope) shows off the bands capability. "A hand of four aces" was recorded and mixed in just one week, but with a band working together and adrenalin riding high the results speak for themselves. The five track EP covers ecological, desert and experiential themes, and blends them together with the thick paste of guitar, bass and drums.

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Wastelands (April 2002)

Written in 2001, the thirteen track album crosses the boundaries of Rock and Country and was the opening paragraph for the band. The band was finding it's feet in this exploration, and in doing so began setting its direction. Many songs from the album are still in the live set.

This is what Stephen Morgan from 3D Radio and 'Incision' magazine wrote about Wastelands... "In the tradition of great Australian bands like The Reels, Midnight Oil and The Triffids, Big Room has managed to create their own brand of classic rock, adding just a hint of darkness.
From the crooning balladry of 'Istanbul' and 'Downstairs Cellar', to the straight up rock of 'No Recovery' and 'Commercial Wheels', Wastelands proves Big Room is as versatile and talented as they are entertaining, serving up a unique brand of alternative rock with a distinctly Australian flavour.
Recorded in the rural surrounds of Orroroo, Big Room take you on a long and dark journey into the very heart of Australia. Full of sweeping guitars and vivid imagery, Wastelands is refined oz-rock with all the sincerity and none of the cheese."

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