Companion Love (Single -June 2022)

Companion Love comes in the wake of the band’s last album Searching…(2020), and reveals the depth and breadth of this multifaceted outfit. The new release is in keeping with the band’s reputation for creating progressive experimental sounds that blend dynamic organic-based instrumentation with persuasive social commentary. Companion Love is expansive in its sonic approach and […]

Searching… (July 2020)

Big Room take off on a new journey. Yes we are Searching. Its got all the building blocks of the previous efforts but this time we now have the had the production and playing talents of our new bass player (Michael. S) added to the fire. Searching (the song) it a testimony to the new […]

Giant Leap (December 2015)

A Giant Leap it is. With two new players there’s a new vibe and new energy in the band. We spent a lot more time on the songwriting and producing and more time in the studio than we have before and the results seem to speak for themselves. The addition of Andrew as a major […]

No Agreement (October 2011)

A dynamite follow up to the rockin’ A Hand of Four Aces, No Agreement is a vintage lounge room listening style album, imbued with a thick pasting of guitar and hammond, layered with thought provoking vocals. The album took us a while, but we are rapt in the result. We peaked at 24 tracks at […]

A Hand of Four Aces (February 2006)

A hand of Four Aces”, was full of sonic guitar strength, and with the help of producer Craig Lewis (Kaleidoscope) shows off the bands capability. “A hand of four aces” was recorded and mixed in just one week, but with a band working together and adrenalin riding high the results speak for themselves. The five […]

Wastelands (April 2002)

Wastelands (April 2002 Written in 2001, the thirteen track album crosses the boundaries of Rock and Country and was the opening paragraph for the band. The band was finding it’s feet in this exploration, and in doing so began setting its direction. Many songs from the album are still in the live set. This is […]

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