Searching… (July 2020)

Big Room take off on a new journey. Yes we are Searching. Its got all the building blocks of the previous efforts but this time we now have the had the production and playing talents of our new bass player (Michael. S) added to the fire. Searching (the song) it a testimony to the new production. It includes layered synth sounds, stunning guitar, layered vocals and a futuristic theme. On the other end of the spectrum we have the song with Saturday afternoon”FM” appeal “Unleash the Beast” which takes in the influence of ancient Rome through to hunting and gathering to war and how its all leads to the games we now play on fields. We have also broadened our instrument base to include live horns in two of the songs (Unleash the Beast and Moving Pictures) and then in walks Roisin Linehan with the glass shattering appeal of a trained opera voice to offset Dave’s vocal and go skyward to a high C in “Don’t Take No (Feat. Roisin)”.

Then come the rockers. The Swallow, Kid Again and Near Me have the guitar might of ac/dc. It got pretty cranked in the studio and we all had a ball as the walls of the studio shook all night long. Taking Control also ends up there too. Then we added the subtlety of On That Day and adding the backing of Grace and Hilary helped that too. The changing landscape of No Chance was fun to make, adding the acapella-esq middle section which certainly gives some depth.

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