Giant Leap (December 2015)

A Giant Leap it is. With two new players there’s a new vibe and new energy in the band. We spend a lot more time on the songwriting and producing and more time in the studio than we have before and the results seem to speak for themselves. The addition of Andrew as a major force in songwriting on piano, the addition of piano and the weaving dynamic of bass from Craig fused a new sound. Alex also spent a lot more time on the drums and Mick got inspired to make the guitar soar higher than ever before. The result is Giant Leap. It’s still vintage rock Big Room with tinges of Queen, Oils, Floyd, Foo Fighters, Santana and more.

The songwriting came from far and wide with Alex, Mick, Dave and Andrew all contributing tunes to choose from. We did most of the producing ourselves with mainly Mick Durant and Dave Johnston guiding the early stages and Mick Wordley (producer from Mixmasters studios) having major input once we got into the studio. Once again Mixmasters in the beautiful Adelaide Hills proved to be the right choice. I really hope you enjoy the ride as much as we have. Oh and share it with your friends.

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