No Agreement (October 2011)

A dynamite follow up to the rockin’ A Hand of Four Aces, No Agreement is a vintage lounge room listening style album, imbued with a thick pasting of guitar and hammond, layered with thought provoking vocals.

The album took us a while, but we are rapt in the result. We peaked at 24 tracks at some stage, and whittled that down to the best 10. We recorded a lot at Steve’s studio (Uralla) over three or four years, and road tested the recordings, played with the harmonies and the beats. We had help along the way from Marcel Pusey (London) and Jim Moginie we begged for a little help..

Just when we thought it was nearly there we took it to Mixmasters and strapped ourselves in for the ride with Mick Wordley. The main thing that Mick did was strip the sounds back to their raw basics, and this worked for most of the songs. The ones it didn’t work for has lots of Steve’s electronicy bits in, so we reverted back to the demo in some instances..i.e. Bringing it On.

The vocal recording was great with mick. He got more out of me than I thought I had, and I really enjoyed the experience. Mick D also had a ball with all the guitar sounds he could get. It all came together in some very late nights, where Mick W and everyone seemed willing to keep at it till the wee hours, trying to get it just so.

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