Wastelands (April 2002)

Written in 2001, the thirteen track album crosses the boundaries of Rock and Country and was the opening paragraph for the band. The band was finding it’s feet in this exploration, and in doing so began setting its direction. Many songs from the album are still in the live set.

This is what Stephen Morgan from 3D Radio and ‘Incision’ magazine wrote about Wastelands… “In the tradition of great Australian bands like The Reels, Midnight Oil and The Triffids, Big Room has managed to create their own brand of classic rock, adding just a hint of darkness.

From the crooning balladry of ‘Istanbul’ and ‘Downstairs Cellar’, to the straight up rock of ‘No Recovery’ and ‘Commercial Wheels’, Wastelands proves Big Room is as versatile and talented as they are entertaining, serving up a unique brand of alternative rock with a distinctly Australian flavour.
Recorded in the rural surrounds of Orroroo, Big Room take you on a long and dark journey into the very heart of Australia. Full of sweeping guitars and vivid imagery, Wastelands is refined oz-rock with all the sincerity and none of the cheese.”

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